Sunday, September 27, 2009


Looks like I will make a trip to Fbo this week.

.99/lb Pork Shoulder Roast

They are having a 6hr sale on Saturday, Oct 3rd. Lots and lots of great prices!!

To check out their ad, use zip code 55021.

Grocery Shopping this week

Best Apple Price:
Rainbow Foods, Honey Crisp, $1.29/lb

Best Hamburger Patties:
Target (AV South) has the 93/7 lean patties for $1.99 thru tomorrow. Normal price is $3.99. They are short dated, but if tossed in the freezer, they will be fine.

Best Chicken Price:
Cub Foods. Hard to believe. $6.99 for each 20 oz boneless/skinless breast pkg. Use 2 $1.50/1 expired mfg's and 1 Cub BOGO (in ad) for a final price of $3.99 for 2 pkgs.

Best Milk Price:
Target, $1.79/gallon

Best Broccoli Price:
Rainbow, .99/head

Best Cereal Deal:
Cub, $1.75 General Mills Cub coupon. There are various mfg's out there on printable sites, ranging from .55/1 to $1/1.

Best Pudding Price:
Target, Hunts 4pks, .90 each. ($1.27 at Cub)

Best Coke Price:
Target, 4/$11 or $2.75 per 12pk.
WalMart (eagan for sure) $4.98/24 pk

If you did not get a paper today, do so. The Star Trib has over $200 worth of cpns in it. I haven't picked up a PP yet to compare cpns.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Prints

From a friend:

Get TONS of free prints by going to this site.

If you are already a member at one site, clear your cookies and create a new account. It is that easy. :)

Oh, and yes, you get free shipping at Snapfish, too. Use "FREELABOR" as your code.

Kohls Online Codes


PERKSPOT100 (non-Kohls Charge) 15% off (Valid for orders of $100.00)
AUGUST15 (Kohls Charge) Save 15% valid 8/19 - 9/15
MYMVC15 (Kohls Charge) Save 15% valid 8/19 - 9/15
FALL15 (Kohls Charge) Save 15% valid 9/16-9/23
SAVE20AUG (Kohls Charge) 20% off (Valid for orders of $100.00)
SAVE30 (Kohls Charge) 30% off Valid 9/16-9/23

Note: percent-off coupon codes do not stack


MVC9983 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Valid 9/9-9/15/09
MVC6560 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Valid 9/11-9/16/09
MVC9862 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Valid 9/17-9/23/09
MVC6920 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Valid 9/24-9/30/09
MVC5810 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Valid 9/26-10/2/09
MVC8283 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Valid 10/2-10/8/09

MVC7250 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. ??