Friday, February 27, 2009


Amy's on my case!! I haven't posted anything in a few days. I will let you know that there will be a new favorite link posted in the next few days. It was a time consuming creation.

A few tidbits:
Target has Hormel Always Tender Pork on sale for $1.99/lb. Reg Price $3.99/lb. There were $1/1 Hormel cpns in the inserts that came out about 3 wks ago.

Kmart doubles are still going on and I will be stopping tonight or tomorrow morning to do some shopping there.

I will post my Kmart runs when I get home.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Food

On the fence about making your own baby food vs buying the jars?

Sams Club has food service cans of sliced peaches. They are 6 lb 10 oz cans for $4.87.
Baby food jars are approx .52 each for 2 oz.

6 lbs x 16 oz = 96 oz's + 10 oz's = 106 total oz's
106 oz's / 2 oz = 53 jars

53 jars x .52 each = $27.56 when bought individually.

So if each food service can of peaches makes 48) 2oz jars of baby food, you are saving $22.69 by pureeing the peaches and freezing at home.

Worried about the syrup? Rinse the slices off before freezing.

How about Pears?? 105 oz can for $4.37.
105 oz / 2 oz = 52 jars
52 jars x .52 each = $27.04 when bought individually.

Savings: 27.04 - 4.37 = $22.67 in savings.

Green Beans: 101 oz can for $3.06
101 oz / 2 oz = 51 jars
51 jars x .52 each = $26.52 when bought individually.

Savings: 26.52 - 3.06 = $23.46 in savings.

In those 3 cans, you have paid for your membership.

Why am I telling you this? Because I just got a new KitchenAid food processor that will puree anything!!

Free Quizno's Sub

Use your real name when signing up as you will be asked for your photo id.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gold'N Plump Chicken - Target

Starting tomorrow, 2/22.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
20 oz package
Regular Price: $6.49
Sale Price: $2.99

General Mills and Betty Crocker Printables

A few links to share......................

First up is one for home items. Sayings for the walls, doors, mirrors, etc.
Order with confidence from Amy!

Need a place to live while you go to the U of M Mpls campus??

Need to buy a tractor?

How about a lizard?

Maybe you want to go to Mexico and need a place to stay?

Kmart Week of 2/22

Most Kmarts will be doubling coupons up to $2 this week. There is a limit of 25 coupons per customer, per day, but I have never had them count my coupons.

Bic razors are $4. There is a $2/1 mfg insert cpn. The $2 will double to $4, making the item free.

Pledge, toothpastes, shampoos, body lotions and washes, dog and cat treats, cleaning supplies, OTC meds, etc usually end up being free.

Their prices tend to be high to begin with, so keep that in mind. There are a Super Kmarts (similar to a Super WalMart or Super Target), but there are none in MN. The closest ones are in the Chicago area.

Monticello and Willmar stores are TRIPLING up to .75. Anything over .75 will be doubled.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New shopping links

I have some new links that I will be adding tonight.

One is for home decorating stuff, one is for another coupon clipping site, and one may just be for student rentals, property management, and real estate needs.

I am heading to the farm to get all the meat from that Target post down there, that I got in the freezers. Who has huge freezers in the city!?!?!?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dinner tonight breakdown

Here is a breakdown of costs on tonights dinner:

2 lb roast: $3.98
1 Onion: .15 (4lb for $1.99 at Cub this week)
1 bag Birds Eye corn .00 (free after coupon a few months ago)
8 potatoes .32 (.99 after coupon for a 5lb bag at target a few wks ago, about 25 spuds per bag)

Seasoning doesn't count!!! LOL

Total: $4.45
2 Adults
2 Kids
And there will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Target Roasts and Steaks

What a pleasant surprise to see these on sale today!! I hadn't been in the stores since Saturday due to a sick little girl.

Top Round Roasts were $1.99/lb (reg $4.89/lb)
Top Round Steaks were $1.99/lb (reg $4.89/lb)

There was 1 steak in the package and most averaged around $1.89 in price.

I will be stocking up and freezing a bunch of these. I would suggest vacuum sealing them or wrapping them really good. The packages they come in are worthless for freezing.

We will be having roast tonight for dinner. With carrots and potatoes, my cost of dinner is right around $5 tonight for a family of 4. We will also have leftovers to use for tomorrows lunch.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Layout Update

I have been working on getting links to some of the coupon sites that I use on the blog.
If you scroll to the bottom, you will find them there.

AdSense is new to me, so bear with me. There are some ads there that are just Google ads, but they will be leaving once I have everything else in place.

Target Ad for 2/22

I just saw the ad for next week at Target, and it is looking like another great week.

They just ran a gift card deal on razors last week, but are running another one. It is buy 2 get a $5 gift card, again. It is for the fusion manual and the venus razors.

7.99 x 2 = 15.98
minus $6 ($3 TQ x 2)
minus $4 ($2/1 mfg x 2)
$5.98 OOP + $5 gift card on the first set
2nd set is .98 OOP + a $5 gc

I have venus coupons coming in the mail, but may need more.
After experiencing low stock last week with the Fusion Gamers gift card deal, I will be heading to the store Sunday morning to get my loot this time around.

For some reason, the last 2 pages of the ad didn't load for me, which are the food pages. I am working on pulling them up in a different program and will then post the match-ups for those items.

There are a lot of gift card deals. Dog food, cat litter, razors, USB thumb drives, etc.

One of my favorite items in the ad is the black metal 5 tier shelf for $34.99. I have 7 of them in my garage. They work great for garage sales and we have the shelves adjusted so that totes fit on them.

Free Starbucks Sample

What?? You don't drink coffee?? Sign up and then give it to me!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Pace Picante Salsa Coupon

Use Lid Code:

You might win, you might not. If not, try with another email address.

If you DO win:
Print your 1st coupon. DO NOT close that window. Hit the BACK button 3 times. You should see the page where you hit SUBMIT. Hit submit again and it will print another coupon. It should work to get 10 coupons this way and then it cuts you off.

Each IP coupon is printed with a different PIN number, so no worries.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cub list 2/15

The Cub ad has a lot going on in it this week!! Here are a few highlights!

Hormel Pork Chops:
$5.29/lb, so let's get 2lb packs.
$10.58 x 2 = $21.16 - $2 ($1/1 mfg insert x 2) - $10.58 (bogo CUB ad cpn) = $8.58 for 4 lbs of pork

Hormel Stuffed Pork Chops:
$5.29/lb, so let's get 2lb packs.
$10.58 x 2 = $21.16 - $2 ($1/1 mfg insert x 2) - $10.58 (bogo CUB ad cpn) = $8.58 for 4 lbs of pork

Cub Cheese:
8 oz packs
$2.29 x 2 = $4.58 - $2.29 (bogo CUB ad cpn) = $2.29 for 1lb of cheese. This is a slightly better price than the Kraft cheese at Target.

Yellow Onions:
2 lb bag
$1.99 x 2 = $3.98 - $1.99 (bogo CUB ad cpn) = $1.99 for 4 lbs of onions.
* Remember, you can dice up onions and flash freeze.

Dole Lettuce:
The shredded lettuce (for tacos) is $1.79 at Target. The salad making bags are $2.50 at Target this week.

Cub Twin Pack of Milk:
$3.28 with coupon in ad. That comes to $1.64 a gallon!!

Whole Rotisserie Chicken:
$5.99 on sale.
I use these for chicken pot pies a lot. It is also really good in pasta.

Cub Butter:
$1.50 per pound.
Normal price is $3.29 at Target. I picked up 10 lbs at Hy-Vee on Friday for $1.48 each, but will grab a few more at Cub this week. It will just go in the freezer until I need it.

My Target list for the week of 2/15

Kraft Cheese:
$2.00 each (8 oz bag) - .75/1 mfg blinkie from Cub = $1.25/bag.
Regular price is $2.79/bag I believe.
If you do get the blinkies at Cub, be sure to get the 2% cheese at Target. Otherwise the coupon will beep at the register and the cashier will have to K1 it.

Pepperidge Farms GoldFish:
$1.66 shelf price - $1/1 TQ printable = .66/bag.
These will be sent to school for snack time.

Fresh Broccoli and Cauliflower:
$1.50/head - $1/1 TQ printable = .50/head.

Gillette Venus Razors:
$8.49 - $3/1 TQ printable - $2/1 mfg insert = $3.49/each

Muir Glen Tomatoes:
$1.50/can - .75/1 mfg insert = .75/can
I ordered these cpns off of ebay and they came yesterday. I believe that regular price on them is $1.66/can.

Milk Bone Dog treats: (For Digger)
$3.14 x 2 = $6.28 - $3.14 (bogo mfg insert) - $1/2 TQ printable = $2.14 for 2 bags.

Pop Tarts:
$1.84 x 2 = $3.68 - $2 ($1/1 mfg peelie on box x 2) - $1/2 TQ = .68 for 2 boxes
Target increased the price on these this week from $1.66 to $1.84.

Red Seedless Grapes:
On sale for .99/lb.

Other items to note:
Listerine: Combine the $1/1 TQ printable and the $1/1 blinkie from Cub. There is Listerine that is clearanced at the moment.

New Target Coupons are up!

Sunday Feb. 15 Target coupons.... (expire in March)

~$1 off Archer Farms® cereal
~$1 off Renuzit air care product
~50¢ off 8-oz. or larger Chex Mix snack mix
~$1 off Kashi Cookies or Crackers or Granola bars
~$1 off With purchase of two 8-oz. Market Pantry® cheeses
~$1 off 6-oz. or larger Pepperidge Farm crackers
~$1 off 64-oz. Tropicana orange juice
~$1 off Vlasic pickles
~75¢ off Archer Farms® Naan bread
~$1 off Fresh vegetable Broccoli or Cauliflower or 16-oz. Green Giant Hearts of Romaine
~$3 off Gillette Venus razor Divine or Embrace or Breeze
~$1 off Hillshire Farms Deli Select lunch meat
These are great coupons!! It is good to see name brand stuff on these coupons. It means greater savings b/c you can combine with a mfg coupon.

Typically, when the broccoli/cauliflower coupon is out, they have it on sale for $1 each. Makes it free.

I know there are Venus coupons out there. It would end up being a total of $5 off.

No coupons in the paper this week, as it is Presidents Day wknd, but I will still pick up a paper. It is easier for me to look at an actual ad and match things up than looking at the online ad.

Cub is looking very good this week too!! It is looking like a good stocking up week.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kohls Free Shipping Code

Free Shipping
Hurry, offer ends February 20, 2009!

That should replace the one that expired.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kohls Clearance

Yes, I can confirm, that they are taking an additional 25% off the lowest marked clearance price.

Prices will range from 70 - 85% off retail once this is done. In addition to that, if you pay with your Kohls card, you will get a scratch off for 15, 20, or 30% off. There are some great deals to be had!!!

Apple Valley had a ton of stuff left. Racks and racks and racks.

I nabbed a bunch of baby stuff for a shower at the end of the month.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little trick

It seems that there is a glitch in the Kohls system.

Find the items that you want.
Add them to your cart.
Save your cart.
Log out.
Log back in.
Check the prices in your cart.

The are some items that are showing one price when you first add them, but after saving, logging out and then back in, the price is much lower.

Also, rumor is, that tomorrow, Friday, there will be an additional 25% off clearance prices In Store. If you have a Kohls Card, they will give you a scratch off card at the register for even more off, plus, for every $50 you spend, you get $5 in Kohls Cash back.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kohls Online

Who doesn't love Kohls?? Every week they have the "lowest price of the season" sale going on. There are a ton of seasons at Kohls!!

Anyways, here are some good codes that are out right now.

10% off code (non-Kohls charge) NEW3755 Exp. 2/14
15% off code (Kohls charge) TAKE15FEB Exp. 2/17
15% off code (Kohls charge) EXTRAKC15 Exp. 2/28
20% off code (Kohls charge) FEBSAVE20 (Valid 2/11-2/17)
30% off code (Kohls charge) PRES30DAY (Valid 2/11-2/17)

Free Shipping (Kohls charge) MVC3523 Exp. 2/12
Free Shipping (Kohls charge) MVC3379 Exp. 2/15

I just ordered the Kitchen Aid Cook for the Cure bowl set.

Total shipped came to $7.31.
The set is plastic, so if it is too flimsy when it gets here, I will just return it to the store. With free shipping, there is nothing to lose!!

Target Bedding Clearance

Rumor is, that the clearanced bedding has been marked 75% off today. I have not yet been to the stores, to confirm, but I was expecting it this week.

A few things about how Target does clearance.

There are 2 types of markdowns. Manual and Automatic. Sounds like a car.
Anyways, automatic markdowns only happen on the holiday stuff (Christmas, V-day, Easter, Halloween, etc). It means that the prices are automatically changed in the computer.

Manual markdowns are much more labor intensive. The team members need to phyiscally put a reg clearance tag on each item. What happens is they scan one of the items and the new, lower, price is now in the system. Their printer then prints out enough red tag stickers for each of the items that are showing in inventory. The member then needs to locate all of those like items and re-sticker them. Sometimes, items are moved around the store and they miss one. That is why it will scan lower than what it is tagged.

All departments in Target are reset twice a year. The next bedding reset will be in August.
Toys are reset January and July.

What if you see something you really like at 50% off? I would buy it, hang onto the receipt, and if you see it at 75% off, buy it and return on the 50% off receipt. Target will do price adjustments on items that go on sale, but not on clearance items.

And with that, I need to go.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Target Brand Milk

2% gallons are $2.29 this week.

Normal price is $3.29 - $3.49 depending on what area of the metro you are in.

If you have the room, milk freezes well. Just be sure to pour a little out before putting the jug in the freezer!!

Kraft Cheese at Target NEXT week

8oz packages of shredded cheese are in next weeks ad for $2 each. There are .75/1 mfg blinkie coupons out there. If you are near a Cub Foods, go there. They have the blinkies in front of the cheese. If you don't have Cub, check Ebay.

$2.00 - .75/1 = $1.25

It comes to $2.50/lb.

Need it broken down more??? The big bags of cheese are $8+ at Cub, Target, WM, etc. And those are the store brands. Those bags are 2 lb bags. Go with the Kraft this week and pay $5 for 2 lbs.

Wondering what you will do with all that cheese??? Freeze it.

Hi Amy!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week of Feburary 8th

Fusion Razors. Buy 2, get a $5 gift card.
$7.99 x 2 = $15.98 - $4/1 (mfg insert from this week) - $4/1 = $7.98 OOP for the first set + a $5 gc back to you. Rinse and Repeat. Following sets will be $7.98 - $5 = $2.98 + a $5 gift card (to use on the next set). It makes these $1.49 each. They sell like hot cakes for $4 each at garage sales.

Purina Canned Food.
There is a cpn in the RedPlum insert from yesterday for a Free can. It isn't a BOGO, just a plain FREE can. Free is good.

Muir Glen Tomato products.
There is a .75/1 mfg cpn in one of the inserts from yesterday. These are Price Cut at Target until 3/1. They are $1.50 each - .75/1 = .75/can. A very good price for organic tomatoes. I believe there are diced, sauce, and stewed.

Cookie Crisp Cereal.
On sale for $2.33 (11.25 oz) - .75/1 IP from = $1.58/box

Progresso Soup.
On sale for $1.40/can - $1.10 IP = .30/can
* once you print one coupon, hit the back button on your computer a few times and another coupon will print. B/c it is a bricks coupon, only 2 per IP address. More than 1 computer in the house?? Good for you!!!

Rainbow Foods:
Yoplait Fiber 1 or Yo +Plus yogurt is BOGO. Use 1 of the $1/1 IP coupons on
$2.59 x 2 = $5.18 - 2.59 (bogo) -$1/1 IP = $1.59 for 2 packs. Should be 8 cups total.

What a week!!

In addition to the 4 inserts, there are a ton of good items on sale. I will start my list this afternoon if all goes as planned!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coupon Inserts this week

There are 4 inserts in the paper today. They are full of great coupons!!
I need to run out and grab a few more papers!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Target Hamburger

On sale this week. Prices are as follows.

93/7......1.99lb (reg. $3.49)
85/15 4pk hamburger patties..1.29pkg

Great time to stock up and freeze. I use the Reynolds Handi Vac and vac seal everything before I freeze.

If you are going to be making your own hamburgers, use a higher fat hamburger. You burgers will be juicier. If you are making chili, go lean.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Caribou Drink

Load $20 onto your Caribou Card and receive a free drink.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Deals: Wk of Feb 1st

I decided that I will post a list of deals for the week and add to it as I find them. Therefore, this post will be updated throughout the week.

Sobe Life Water
Buy 10 for $10, get a $5 Target Gift Card
- There are .50/1 hangtags on the bottles. Buy your first set of 10, use the gift card on the next set, and the next set is free. It is called "rinse and repeat".

Kellogg's Pop Tarts
$1.67 - $1/2 Target coupon - $1/1 peelie mfg cpn = .17/box
The Target cpn is a printable from their site. The peelie mfg is on the boxes themselves. They are also available on Ebay.

On sale for $1.49/lb. Normally $3.19/lb.

Pepsi 12 pks
$3.33 - $1/1 Target cpn = $2.33/12 pk.
(Cub has 12 pks for 2/$7 this week so much cheaper at Target)

DanActive yogurt
$2 - $1/1 mfg cpn = $1/4pk
Coupon is available on Ebay and was in a recent insert

Knorr Lipton Sides
$1 each. Buy 10, get a catalina at the checkout for $5 off your next purchase of chicken!
$10 ($1 each x 10) - $3 (.60/2 mfg cpn x 5) = $7 AC plus a $5 CAT.
Mfg cpn is available on Ebay.

Gold'n Plump Chicken
56 oz family pack is $10.29
$10.29 x 2 = $20.58 - $10.29 (BOGO in Cub ad) - $5 CAT (from Knorr deal) = $5.29 for 7 lbs of chicken breasts.