Monday, August 31, 2009

Peaches and Pears

Peaches are .99/lb at Target this week.
I also found them for .99/lb at the Bloomington WalMart that just re-opened. I hae about 5 lbs here that need to be jammed up. Maybe tonight yet.

Grandma found lugs (14lbs) of pears at Hunts in Faribault for $6. Killer price on them!! I can't share a recipe for the pears b/c she is going to can them while we are at the cabin.!

Sam's Club

Saturday, I was at Sams Club and found the boneless pork tendorloins for $1.89/lb. They are just plain, not marinaded.

I picked up a 9 lb one for $12.xx. I cut it into smalller pieces, vacuumed sealed it, and froze it.

For a price comparison, Cub has the marinaded tenderloins for $6.99. I think they are 24 oz? Not a very good comparsion since I am not 100% sure on their price! But, I do know that the Sam's price is the cheapest I have seen it in a long time.

Really? A week already?

Time flies! We had a crazy busy week last week with a garage/bake sale, canning, rental turn overs, and life in general!

Today, we were equally busy, but I did want to share a recipe.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1 1/2 cups shredded zucchini
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup cocoa
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup canola oil
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients EXCEPT for the zucchini and chocolate chips. Mix until blended, either by hand or with a mixer. Fold in the zucchini and the chocolate chips. Pour into a greased bread pan.

Bake for 60 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.
* I used 2 zucchini and ended up with 6 cups of zucchini. I made 4 loaves total and will freeze them.
* Do not peel the zucchini, just shred it up!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Amy needs a post here everyday, so here is todays!!

Baby area free's:
Gerber Clear, Single Pack bottles are .99 each. Use the $1/1 TQ in the generator. Cpn takes off $1, not .99, so you end up with .01 overage. No beeps.

Johnson & Johnson Buddy Bars are .97 each. Use the $1/1 TQ in the generator for J&J toiletries. Cpn takes off $1, not .97, so you get .03 overage. No beeps.

Food area free's:
Banana's are .56/lb. Put .50 worth in your bag and use the .50 off TQ in the generator.

Artisan Mini Loaves are .99 each (in the deli area). Use the $1/1 TQ in the generator. Cpn takes off .99, not $1, so you get nada in the overage dept.

SpongeBob toothbrushes are clearanced to $1.81 each. Use the $1/1 TQ in the generator and the $1/1 mfg pdf (comment here if you need it) for .19 overage. No beeps on either cpn.

SpongeBob toothpaste is TPC'd until 8/31 for $1.99 each. Use the $1/1 TQ in the generator and the $1/1 mfg pdf (again, comment for it) for .01 overage. No beeps.

Other business:
Quaker items are B5G$5 gift card. The True Delights granola bars are $2.44 this week.

x 5
-$ 5.00 ($1/1 mfg on x 5)
$7.40 out of pocket + a $5 gift card in your pocket.

Target has recently installed CATALINA machines at the checkouts. They are the machines that spit out the cpns if you buy the right things. Today, I bought 2 boxes of Honey Nuts and got a $1.50/3 TQ out of the machine.

x 2
-2.00 ($1/1 TQ x 2)
-1.10 (.55/1 mfg IP x 2)
$3.90 for 2 of the big boxes. Almost like getting one free.

That's all for now folks!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Target Coupons

Check the generator for the newest Target Coupons. Most are baby cpns, pampers, huggies, bottles, etc.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cashback at

A while back, did a cashback along with Ebay. I got some Cub gift cards from Ebay for around 25% off the face value. I got Starbucks gift cards for around 33% off face value. It was perfect timing. It was around Christmas when the coffee is greatly needed around here!!!

Anyways, is doing cashback right now. Go to the site, type in what you are looking for. I did Nike. A list comes up with all the stores. Click on the one that has the CASHBACK logo next to it. I am pretty sure it was the Eastbay store for this search. Look thru the stuff, get great prices.

Running Shoes

Hopefully that link works as an example. If you can see the little + sign next to the total, click on it and it will drop down a menu. It will explain the savings there.

How do I get my cashback? You can request it once you have more than $5 in the acct. I have always just had it Paypaled to me, but I am pretty sure you can request a check.

Have at it!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinner Tonight

Noodles with Pesto
Cheese Bread

.87 box of pasta at Target
.30 olive oil
.00 Basil
.00 Oregano
.10 Parm cheese
.00 Archer Farms bread
1.00 Cheese
.00 Cucumbers from garden
$2.27 total for 4 people.

Fisher Price $5 Coupon

Register once.
Once you have printed, paste the addy back in the toolbar and print again. I printed 20.
The addy you will paste is the page that has the print button on it.

Week of August 16th Cub Foods

2 ltrs of Coke are .77 each. Limit yourself to 2 please!! (Rainbow has them for .89 each, I would price match at Target)

GNP Fresh Whole Chicken Cut up, $5.99. 52 oz pkg. Use the expired $1.50 GNP printable.

Week of August 16th Rainbow Foods

I rarely shop Rainbow, but this week, they have the lowest price for milk and peaches.

Peaches: .99/lb (I am going to price match these at Target if Target has the California brand)
Milk: $1.68/gallon

Sweet Corn: 8/$2. Cheapest price in the metro. Pahls is $5/dz, Target is $4/dz, Cub, I haven't checked yet.

Target Week of August 16th

Printable Target Cpn Generator:

Looks like a decent wk at the good ole bullseye!!!

Archer Farms Artisan mini loaves. Located in the deli area by the rest of the AF artisan bread. They are in baskets and are .99 each. Use the $1/1 TQ to make them free.

General Mills Cereal Cups. Located in the cereal aisle. They are $1 each. Use the $1/1 TQ to make them free. If you have any $1 off any GM cereal mfg cpns, you will make a $1 on each combined set of cpns. That is $1 overage that will be applied to the rest of your bill.

Bulk Apples. There is a TQ for $1/lb of bulk apples. Most of the apples are $1.49/lb. Put under a lb in your bag (usually 3 apples) to get as close to $1 worth of apples as possible.

Bananas. .56/lb. Use the $.50/lb TQ the same way as the apple cpn.

Good Deals:
Luvs Diapers are $6.99/jumbo pk. A nice price.
Pampers Jumbos are $8.99/pk. There are a lot of Pampers cpns out there, both TQ and mfg to make this into a great deal.
Kellogg's fruit snacks were $1.79 the last time I looked. There is a .40/1 mfg on and the .50/1 TQ. Gets them to be cheaper.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Target Week of August 2nd

Not much happening at Target right now!!

-2.00 (TQ in this wks inserts)
-1.50 (mfg insert)
$6.49 a pk. Decent.

Morning Star Veggie items (frozen):
-2.00 (mfg booklet found at Cub, could be other places)
-1.00 (TQ printable)
.39 (The TQ is actually a $2/2)

Kashi Cereal:
$1.00 Single Serve Cups
-1.00 (TQ Printable)

$1.29/lb for small granny smith and red's.
-1.00 (TQ printable)

Hefty Bags (22 ct, One-Zip Quarts):
$1.02 TPC
- 1.00 (mfg blinkie)
$0.02 for 22 bags

Nexxus Shampoo and Styler:
Buy 2, get a $5 gift card

x 2
$8.38 OOP + $5 gift card on the 1st trip.

$3.38 OOP + $5 gift card on the 2nd trip if you roll gift cards.

Tons of clearance all around the store. Toy's went 75% off this week, Baby Gear is being marked down, groceries are being reset. Lots of good stuff to be had!!

Tonight, I found 6lb Stouffer's Party Size chicken lasagna for $6.04. That is 50% off! Great price. I bought the last 2 they had at that store. Add in some cheap breadsticks, and you are good to go with a very cheap meal plus leftovers.

Week of August 2nd

Really? August already? Yuck.

Cub Foods:
Milk: Twin Pack for $3.56 (no cpn needed). $1.78/gallon is pretty good!! Sams Club was $1.96/gallon tonight.

GNP Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts: $6.99 each, but they are BOGO. Use the expired $1.50/1 pdf to get the price a bit lower.

Lots of Buy $xx worth of stuff, Get $xx off your next order, but nothing is jumping out at me right now.

Peaches are $1.48/lb, which is good.

GNP Boneless/Skinless Chicken Thighs: $5.69 each, but they are BOGO. Use the expired $1.50/1 here as well.

Jennio 90% Lean Ground Turkey: $8.99 for 3lbs, but they are BOGO. That is 6 lbs of turkey for $8.99 or $1.50 a lb. Sounds like a good price to me!!

Kellogg's has their annual Fuel for School rebate going on now. Buy 10 items on one receipt, get a $10 rebate in the mail. Cereals are $1.97 each. Let's pretend you buy 10 of them.

x 10
- 5.00 ($1/2 mfg cpn x 5)
$14.70 OOP
- 10.00 Rebate
$ 4.70 for 10 boxes of cereal, or .47 a box.

I am pretty certain that there are expired and current $1/1 mfg's out there. If you have the $1/1's, then you actually make .30 on this deal.

This rebate isn't just at Cub. The items can be bought anywhere, as long as they are on one receipt.