Monday, June 14, 2010

Chicks For A Cause

It started as an idea while sitting at a craft show and it quickly consumed us!! We are so happy to be doing it though and have met wonderful people (and a few nuts) because of it.

We (4 ladies) host a vendor shopping event each month at a select location. We average around 35-40 vendors. We bring in food, wine tasting, massages, etc. You bring in your gift list!! In addition to the vendor tables, we have a silent auction table.

All of our proceeds are donated to a team or group. We recently did an event for the Susan G Komen MN Affiliate and in August are doing an event for a local 3 day Walk team!

For more information about our dates and locations as well as some pictures:


July's Scent of the Month is Paradise Punch and the Warmer is the TIKI warmer!

Bars are $4.50

Bricks are $18.00

Warmer is $27.00

Once August hits, they will still be available, but at regular price. 70% off Code

Code is FATHER

We have used these alot and have not had any troubles with them.

Example of price: $25 gift certificate is $12.50. After the code, it is $3.75.

Now, most have guidelines on how to use them. Make sure that you read those before purchasing.

Free Vanish drop in toilet tablets at Target

Go to and print the BOGO mfg cpn there. (zip 55124 has it if it doesn't show up in yours)

Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says Grocery Coupons. Navigate through and find the BOGO store cpn there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

HUGE Dahlias and the Mpls Farmer's Market

Tina and I eyeballed some HUGE Dahlias on Friday evening at a tailgating party prior to the Twin's game. We inquired about them and were told to look for them at the Mpls Farmers Market on the wknds.

So....................this morning at the wonderful time of 5:30 am, I pulled into Tina's and picked her up. Off we were to the Market. As expected, we were some of the first shoppers there, but it worked to our advantage. We were able to walk around and check out all the items and then make our selections. We also got the freshest stuff as it hadn't been sitting there all day.

We spotted the Dahlia's from a distance and booked it over to them. Upon talking with the seller, we discovered that they can be split in the fall when dug up for the winter. We settled on 4 different colors, each of us getting 2 to start. In the fall, we will divide them. The blooms are enormous! Honestly, they are the size of a dinner plate. 10 inches across. Just beautiful. I will post pictures when they bloom.

We also ended up with lettuce, spinach (see the previous post to know why I needed to buy these), peas, onions, cheese curds, jewelry, and more.

All in all, a good trip. We were happy that we had went so early. By 7:30 when we were leaving, it was starting to get busy.

Rascally Wabbits

I somehow made it through last years gardening with no rabbits.

This year however, is not going well. The little varmits have eaten all of my lettuce and broccoli. Today's task is to find something that will get rid of them. I can't very well be shooting at them with neighbor's around. I don't want to poison them as there are too many pets around here. A trip to Pahls is in order to see what all they have available. If they don't have anything strong enough, I will look at Gander Mountain for Fox Pee or something of the sort.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Pampers Wipes:
There is a $2/1 mfg out there from the inserts. You can find them on Ebay and at select clipping sites. The wipes are a little over $2 at Target and are $1.97 at WalMart.

Canning Lids are clearanced. Currently 30% off at the stores by me. Makes 12 narrow lids $1.06 and 12 wide lids $1.49.

Asian seasoning mixes (in the little pouches) are clearanced 50% off. I think I paid .48 each??

Seasoning section (jars/plastic containers) is being reset. Lots of stuff for 30 - 50% off.

Kashi Autumn something cereal is clearanced to $2.04. There are $1/1 peelies on the boxes in the regular aisle. Makes for some cheap, good cereal.

Milk. Let's talk Milk. I was at Super Walmart in Faribault on Thursday. Thought I would get some milk. Thought again when I looked at the price. $2.99 for a gallon???? I just paid $2.09 at Target. Both were store brands.

Noticed lots of picture frames and framed art clearanced along with beach towels.

GreenHouse Sales

Cty Rd 46/Galaxie in Apple Valley

35% off all Annuals, Tropicals, Veggies, etc. Basically everything BUT Perennials, which is what I need.

Cty Rd 46. West of Cedar/46 intersection in Apple Valley

33% off all Annuals.


50% off Everything until it is gone.