Monday, June 29, 2009

Amazon Pampers Sale

Size 4 and 5 are OOS, but the rest of the sizes are available.

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Enter Code PMPRSJN9 at the checkout to save another 15%.

Brings the boxes to around $20 each.

Amazon Link

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sams vs Cub

In today's ad, Cub has a 3pk of Oscar Mayer deli turkey (27oz) for $8.99.
Sam's Club has the same pk for $6.78.

Cub Foods

Think all the Cub Food's ads are the same in the metro area? Think again.

The front page of my ad has Cub Natural Spring Water 24pks, for $3.50 each. If you pull up the Rogers ad (zip code 55330), the front page has a coupon for that same water. .99 for each 24 pk, limit of 2. The cool part: click on the water on the Rogers ad and add it to your list. Then print your list and the coupon prints out!!

I am going to load up on water this week!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Books about everything!

There are E-books out there about just about everything. I know, I am up watching the radar and cruising the internet.

Organic Garden Growing

Growing Grapes

Worm Farms


Speed Cleaning!

That speed cleaning might take the cake!

Speaking of CAKES!

Chicken Coops

Growing up, we had a chicken coop. Everyone did. It was a common thing. The chicken coop at the farm has now become the trappers shack, but it started as the chicken coop all the same.

With the economy the way it is and constant reports of poison in our processed foods, more people are looking to go organic or at least cut down on their "carbon footprint". Chicken coops seem to be popping up more and more. Not just in rural areas. No one in a rural area is going to build a special chicken coop. The chickens would be tossed into an old out building that isn't being used. But in urban areas, that doesn't cut it. I haven't seen any being built in my neighborhood, but I have read quite a few articles about coops being built.

I stumbled across THIS SITE along the way. For those that don't know how a chicken coop works, plans can be bought online. Crazy!! Too bad we didn't think of it first! We could be rich. Think anyone is interested in trapper shack plans??????

So you have the chickens, now what? No worries!! There is a book about that too!!! Learn everything you need to know about chickens! It is funny to think that there are people out there that don't know about chickens, but I guess it could happen!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Canning Jars

I am going to need more canning jars. I started looking around for coupons for them, and lo and behold, I found a $3/2 mfg for them!! They don't expire until 10/09, so there is plenty of time to use them and hopefully jars will be clearanced by then!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pie Crust Update

What a task!! Or mess!!

The KitchenAid Artesian wasn't big enough. I had to divide the dough in 1/2 and go from there.
I also ended up adding about 1 cup more of flour. The dough was just too creamy without it.

I did get 20) 7.5 oz balls out of this batch. I have 19 of them flash freezing in the freezer. I kept one out to make a pie with.

- The dough did roll out, but not as nicely as I would like. It was sticky. I ended up putting the dough in the pie plate and pushing it out from the middle with my hands.
- I used a 9 inch regular depth pie pan. I think next time I make the dough, I will do 9 oz balls. The 7.5 oz wasn't quite enough. I like a little bit more dough to work with.

All in all, an easy recipe, and it could save a lot of time. At .29 for each ball of dough, I can't really complain. Plus, in looking at the dough, it will be flakey enough to use for a pot pie recipe.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Free Movies at Regal theaters

Every Tuesday and Wednesday Morning this summer at 10am.

Pie Crust Recipe

I stumbled across a pie crust recipe today that makes 20 crusts.

3 lb can Crisco vegetable shortening (I use Butter-Flavored Crisco)
5 lb all-purpose flour (I sub. 1-2# of the a/p flour with white bread flour)
3 cups ice water
2 Tbsp. salt

Mix in a very large bowl or pan (I use my Bosch with the dough hook).Blend flour, salt, and Crisco together (by hand if necessary).Add ice water and mix all together just until blended.Form into patties weighing approx. 7.6 oz. each (if you have a scale and want to get 20 out of the recipe). Makes about 18 to 20

Price Break Down:
Crisco: $4.49 for 3lb butter flavor (Cub was the only store that had the flavored)
Flour: $1.10 for 5lbs at WalMart
Water and Salt are considered free

$5.59 / 20 = .28 each

Compare that to well over a $1 each frozen at the store.

I am going to mix up a batch of this tomorrow morning and will let everyone know how it goes. I plan on weighing them out, forming the chunk of dough into a rough ball and then flattening a bit. I will place them on cookie sheets and flash freeze them right away. Once they are solid, I will combine them all into 1 or 2 Ziploc's. When needed, simply remove from the freezer and let sit for 30 minutes or so until thawed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pahls Greenhouse

Tropicals are 25% off
Pottery is 35% off thru June 14th

Pahls Site

Dinner Last Night

Grilled Brats
French Fries

$2.54 Brats (5 total in pkg)
$1.32 Buns ($1.99/6 x 4 used)
$ .68 French Fries ($5.44/8 x 1 lb used)
$4.54 for the meal

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kohls Codes

Current Codes:
NEW4579 (non-Kohls Charge) 10% off Exp. 6/6/09
NEW5696 (non-Kohls Charge) 10% off Exp. 6/13/09
ADVANTAGE15 (non-Kohls Charge) 15% off (Valid for orders $100 or more)
MVCPERK15 (Kohls Charge) 15% off Exp. 6/10/09
MAYMVC15 (Kohls Charge) 15% off Exp. 6/10/09
SAVEMORE (Kohls Charge) 20% off Exp. 6/10/09 (when you spend $100 or more) (as of 6/1, it works on under $100 also)(note: percent-off coupon codes do not stack)

CODESMVC9155 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 6/2
MVC5993 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 6/4
MVC8558 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 6/6

There is a 30% off code that will begin on 6/11, so if you can hold out on what you need, I would do it. Or, buy now with the 20% off code, then buy again with the 30% off code, and return the 20% off purchase. With free shipping, there is nothing to lose.

If you are expecting or know someone that is, their baby items become quite cheap with these codes.

One tip is to add the items to your cart, save the cart, sign out, and then sign back in. Sometimes the prices drop just by doing that.