Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coupons: Lesson 2

Many stores put out Store Coupons. Store coupons will usually have the stores name on them and will only work at that store.

Target is one of the stores that does this. If you go to their website, and scroll way to the bottom, you will see a link that says "Grocery Coupons". From there, you can print these coupons. They change coupons every 2 weeks.

There are a few ways to go about printing these coupons.
1) Print right at home from the Target website
2) Print at the kiosks in the stores (saves you paper)
3) Print at home from a coupon generator.

A coupon generator is a site that you can print full sheets of coupons from. So instead of using one piece of paper per coupon, you can get a page with five or more.

I like this one: is another one.

So, you have your store coupons printed. Now what??

Well, at Target, you can combine one store coupon and one mfg coupon per item. It allows you to use two coupons total per item.

Right now, Target has Ocean Spray Juice (64 oz) price cut for $1.99. There is a $1/1 mfg coupon out there and a $1/1 Target coupon on the website.

$1.99 store price
-$1.00 mfg coupon
-$1.00 target coupon
.01 overage

The $1/1 mfg coupons were in an insert a few weeks back, and are available on Ebay.

Another Target deal:
Sobe Life Water is Buy 10 for $10, get a $5 gift card. There are .50/1 hangtag coupons on the bottles.

-$ 5.00 (.50/1 x 10) mfg cpns
$5.00 OOP (out of pocket) plus a $5 gift card for the first ten bottles.

Use that $5 gift card on your next ten, and they are free.

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