Sunday, January 18, 2009

Target Toy Clearance

Targets bi-annual toy reset is currently going on. What this means, is that a lot of the toys get marked down to 75% off. A great time to stock up for Christmas or birthday presents!!

Now, not all of the toys are 75% off. When in the clearance section, you will find some at 30% off, some at 50% off, and some at 75% off. If there is a toy in particular that you are interested in, be sure to scan it at the scanners in the aisles. Many times, they are marked incorrectly.

The rumor is, that some stores that aren't moving the toys will actually be marking toys to 90% off tomorrow morning. This is unheard of in the Target way of doing things. Typically, the only items to go 90% off are the holiday items (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc).

What if you miss out this time around?
No biggie. There is also a toy reset done in July.

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