Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kohls Codes

Current Codes:
NEW4579 (non-Kohls Charge) 10% off Exp. 6/6/09
NEW5696 (non-Kohls Charge) 10% off Exp. 6/13/09
ADVANTAGE15 (non-Kohls Charge) 15% off (Valid for orders $100 or more)
MVCPERK15 (Kohls Charge) 15% off Exp. 6/10/09
MAYMVC15 (Kohls Charge) 15% off Exp. 6/10/09
SAVEMORE (Kohls Charge) 20% off Exp. 6/10/09 (when you spend $100 or more) (as of 6/1, it works on under $100 also)(note: percent-off coupon codes do not stack)

CODESMVC9155 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 6/2
MVC5993 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 6/4
MVC8558 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 6/6

There is a 30% off code that will begin on 6/11, so if you can hold out on what you need, I would do it. Or, buy now with the 20% off code, then buy again with the 30% off code, and return the 20% off purchase. With free shipping, there is nothing to lose.

If you are expecting or know someone that is, their baby items become quite cheap with these codes.

One tip is to add the items to your cart, save the cart, sign out, and then sign back in. Sometimes the prices drop just by doing that.

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