Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Target Bedding Clearance

Rumor is, that the clearanced bedding has been marked 75% off today. I have not yet been to the stores, to confirm, but I was expecting it this week.

A few things about how Target does clearance.

There are 2 types of markdowns. Manual and Automatic. Sounds like a car.
Anyways, automatic markdowns only happen on the holiday stuff (Christmas, V-day, Easter, Halloween, etc). It means that the prices are automatically changed in the computer.

Manual markdowns are much more labor intensive. The team members need to phyiscally put a reg clearance tag on each item. What happens is they scan one of the items and the new, lower, price is now in the system. Their printer then prints out enough red tag stickers for each of the items that are showing in inventory. The member then needs to locate all of those like items and re-sticker them. Sometimes, items are moved around the store and they miss one. That is why it will scan lower than what it is tagged.

All departments in Target are reset twice a year. The next bedding reset will be in August.
Toys are reset January and July.

What if you see something you really like at 50% off? I would buy it, hang onto the receipt, and if you see it at 75% off, buy it and return on the 50% off receipt. Target will do price adjustments on items that go on sale, but not on clearance items.

And with that, I need to go.

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