Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kraft Cheese at Target NEXT week

8oz packages of shredded cheese are in next weeks ad for $2 each. There are .75/1 mfg blinkie coupons out there. If you are near a Cub Foods, go there. They have the blinkies in front of the cheese. If you don't have Cub, check Ebay.

$2.00 - .75/1 = $1.25

It comes to $2.50/lb.

Need it broken down more??? The big bags of cheese are $8+ at Cub, Target, WM, etc. And those are the store brands. Those bags are 2 lb bags. Go with the Kraft this week and pay $5 for 2 lbs.

Wondering what you will do with all that cheese??? Freeze it.

Hi Amy!!

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