Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Target Roasts and Steaks

What a pleasant surprise to see these on sale today!! I hadn't been in the stores since Saturday due to a sick little girl.

Top Round Roasts were $1.99/lb (reg $4.89/lb)
Top Round Steaks were $1.99/lb (reg $4.89/lb)

There was 1 steak in the package and most averaged around $1.89 in price.

I will be stocking up and freezing a bunch of these. I would suggest vacuum sealing them or wrapping them really good. The packages they come in are worthless for freezing.

We will be having roast tonight for dinner. With carrots and potatoes, my cost of dinner is right around $5 tonight for a family of 4. We will also have leftovers to use for tomorrows lunch.

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