Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Target Ad for 2/22

I just saw the ad for next week at Target, and it is looking like another great week.

They just ran a gift card deal on razors last week, but are running another one. It is buy 2 get a $5 gift card, again. It is for the fusion manual and the venus razors.

7.99 x 2 = 15.98
minus $6 ($3 TQ x 2)
minus $4 ($2/1 mfg x 2)
$5.98 OOP + $5 gift card on the first set
2nd set is .98 OOP + a $5 gc

I have venus coupons coming in the mail, but may need more.
After experiencing low stock last week with the Fusion Gamers gift card deal, I will be heading to the store Sunday morning to get my loot this time around.

For some reason, the last 2 pages of the ad didn't load for me, which are the food pages. I am working on pulling them up in a different program and will then post the match-ups for those items.

There are a lot of gift card deals. Dog food, cat litter, razors, USB thumb drives, etc.

One of my favorite items in the ad is the black metal 5 tier shelf for $34.99. I have 7 of them in my garage. They work great for garage sales and we have the shelves adjusted so that totes fit on them.

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