Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12th's ads

Cub Foods:
$3.36 Twin pk of milk coupon on the front page. Makes it around $1/gallon cheaper than Target's brand.

$2.50 Kellogg's Cereal. Buy 5, get $5 off your order (cpn on front page).
5 x $2.50 = $12.50 - $5 cub cpn - $5 ($1/1 x 5 mfg insert or IP's) = $2.50 for 5 boxes.
* A while back the printable sites had the IP's. They are now expired, but Cub takes expireds.

.99 Shoppers Value Ice Cream squares (no cpn needed)

.99 18ct eggs (no cpn needed)

.99 Cub shredded or chunk cheese (no cpn needed) (this freezes well)

.99 Cub cereals (no cpn needed)

.99 Hawaiin Punch (no cpn needed)

.99/lb Hormel Always Tender Fresh Pork Roast (there is a $1 off Always Tender expired mfg insert cpn out there to use)

.99 lb Braeburn apples

.99/lb Cub fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs

$3.48 Gold'N Plump boneless/skinless split chicken breasts (20 oz pkg). (There is a $1.50 expired IP for this in PDF form. $3.48 - $1.50 = $1.98)

* Just a price check note:
Today I needed yeast. A jar of Bread Machine Rapid Rise was $3.99 at Target. The same jar was $6.99 at Cub. YIKES!!!

$6 each Coppertone Sunscreen. There is a $3/1 mfg PDF out there for sure, and possibly a $5/1. Google it!!

$1.99/lb Strawberries. There is a $1/1 TQ to get them cheaper. The 2 lb containers are $3.79 - $1/1 TQ. Now, you could price match to Cub Foods price of $1.50/lb, but I am not sure how they work it with coupons. Sometimes Target gets goofy with their own cpns and their rules.

$3.49 Finish/Electrasol dishwasher tabs. There is a $2.50/1 mfg insert out there. They go for big bucks on Ebay, but if you can find some on a clipping site, they are worth it. Makes them .99 a box!!!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste: It used to be in the travel section for .99. If it is still there, there is a $1/1 mfg insert cpn in the inserts this week making it free.

Kids are falling apart!! Need to get them into bed!

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