Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kohls Upgrade Site

This is a site that has Kohls items on it, but they are hidden from the main page. Most of the stuff is fair priced and is a SCT (saved cart trick) item. The SCT is pretty simple. Add the item to your cart, sign out, but save your cart, sign back in, and most the time the items have dropped in price.

Upgrade Site

I did screw up today with a return. I had bought a pair of bermuda type dress shorts in the store a few wks ago. I then bought them online with a 30% off code. When I returned them today, I used the online receipt for some crazy reason. So now, I need to rebuy them again with a 30% off code and return on my orginal receipt. It is a $15 difference, so it is worth it in this case.

I haven't had time to look thru any Kohls stuff. Too busy baking and all that. The girls are having a sleepover tonight, so maybe then I will get some Kohls time!!!

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