Friday, July 3, 2009

Pampers - Target

Last week, a coupon came out in the inserts for Pampers. It is a Target cpn, but is not printable.

$3 off when you buy Pampers diapers and wipes (160ct).

The expiration date is well into October, so I went ahead and order a bunch off of Ebay. I figured that at some point between now and October, they will do a gift card deal on Pampers Jumbos.

Let's say that the deal is Buy 2, get a $5 gift card.

9.99 x 2 = $19.98
Minus $2 mfg insert x 2 = -$4

That alone puts it at $15.98 for 2 jumbos. Minus the $5 gift card makes it $10.98. Now minus the $3 and you are at $7.98.

You do need to buy the wipes, but there are usually decent wipe cpns out there too.

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