Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week of August 2nd

Really? August already? Yuck.

Cub Foods:
Milk: Twin Pack for $3.56 (no cpn needed). $1.78/gallon is pretty good!! Sams Club was $1.96/gallon tonight.

GNP Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts: $6.99 each, but they are BOGO. Use the expired $1.50/1 pdf to get the price a bit lower.

Lots of Buy $xx worth of stuff, Get $xx off your next order, but nothing is jumping out at me right now.

Peaches are $1.48/lb, which is good.

GNP Boneless/Skinless Chicken Thighs: $5.69 each, but they are BOGO. Use the expired $1.50/1 here as well.

Jennio 90% Lean Ground Turkey: $8.99 for 3lbs, but they are BOGO. That is 6 lbs of turkey for $8.99 or $1.50 a lb. Sounds like a good price to me!!

Kellogg's has their annual Fuel for School rebate going on now. Buy 10 items on one receipt, get a $10 rebate in the mail. Cereals are $1.97 each. Let's pretend you buy 10 of them.

x 10
- 5.00 ($1/2 mfg cpn x 5)
$14.70 OOP
- 10.00 Rebate
$ 4.70 for 10 boxes of cereal, or .47 a box.

I am pretty certain that there are expired and current $1/1 mfg's out there. If you have the $1/1's, then you actually make .30 on this deal.

This rebate isn't just at Cub. The items can be bought anywhere, as long as they are on one receipt.

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