Sunday, August 16, 2009

Target Week of August 16th

Printable Target Cpn Generator:

Looks like a decent wk at the good ole bullseye!!!

Archer Farms Artisan mini loaves. Located in the deli area by the rest of the AF artisan bread. They are in baskets and are .99 each. Use the $1/1 TQ to make them free.

General Mills Cereal Cups. Located in the cereal aisle. They are $1 each. Use the $1/1 TQ to make them free. If you have any $1 off any GM cereal mfg cpns, you will make a $1 on each combined set of cpns. That is $1 overage that will be applied to the rest of your bill.

Bulk Apples. There is a TQ for $1/lb of bulk apples. Most of the apples are $1.49/lb. Put under a lb in your bag (usually 3 apples) to get as close to $1 worth of apples as possible.

Bananas. .56/lb. Use the $.50/lb TQ the same way as the apple cpn.

Good Deals:
Luvs Diapers are $6.99/jumbo pk. A nice price.
Pampers Jumbos are $8.99/pk. There are a lot of Pampers cpns out there, both TQ and mfg to make this into a great deal.
Kellogg's fruit snacks were $1.79 the last time I looked. There is a .40/1 mfg on and the .50/1 TQ. Gets them to be cheaper.

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