Monday, August 17, 2009

Cashback at

A while back, did a cashback along with Ebay. I got some Cub gift cards from Ebay for around 25% off the face value. I got Starbucks gift cards for around 33% off face value. It was perfect timing. It was around Christmas when the coffee is greatly needed around here!!!

Anyways, is doing cashback right now. Go to the site, type in what you are looking for. I did Nike. A list comes up with all the stores. Click on the one that has the CASHBACK logo next to it. I am pretty sure it was the Eastbay store for this search. Look thru the stuff, get great prices.

Running Shoes

Hopefully that link works as an example. If you can see the little + sign next to the total, click on it and it will drop down a menu. It will explain the savings there.

How do I get my cashback? You can request it once you have more than $5 in the acct. I have always just had it Paypaled to me, but I am pretty sure you can request a check.

Have at it!!!!

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