Saturday, August 1, 2009

Target Week of August 2nd

Not much happening at Target right now!!

-2.00 (TQ in this wks inserts)
-1.50 (mfg insert)
$6.49 a pk. Decent.

Morning Star Veggie items (frozen):
-2.00 (mfg booklet found at Cub, could be other places)
-1.00 (TQ printable)
.39 (The TQ is actually a $2/2)

Kashi Cereal:
$1.00 Single Serve Cups
-1.00 (TQ Printable)

$1.29/lb for small granny smith and red's.
-1.00 (TQ printable)

Hefty Bags (22 ct, One-Zip Quarts):
$1.02 TPC
- 1.00 (mfg blinkie)
$0.02 for 22 bags

Nexxus Shampoo and Styler:
Buy 2, get a $5 gift card

x 2
$8.38 OOP + $5 gift card on the 1st trip.

$3.38 OOP + $5 gift card on the 2nd trip if you roll gift cards.

Tons of clearance all around the store. Toy's went 75% off this week, Baby Gear is being marked down, groceries are being reset. Lots of good stuff to be had!!

Tonight, I found 6lb Stouffer's Party Size chicken lasagna for $6.04. That is 50% off! Great price. I bought the last 2 they had at that store. Add in some cheap breadsticks, and you are good to go with a very cheap meal plus leftovers.

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