Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cub Foods Week of 3/15

Looks like a good week at Cub!

Chuck Roast: BOGO cpn on the front of the ad. Probably a better deal at Target yet today, but if you miss it or don't have a Super Target near you, grab a few roasts at Cub tomorrow.

Carrots: BOGO cpn on the front of the ad. Comes to $1.99 for 4 lbs (.50/lb) of carrots. I paid $2.54 for 5 lbs (.51/lb) eariler in the week at Sams Club.

Russet Potatoes: BOGO cpn on the front of the ad. $2.99 for 10 lbs (.30/lb). I paid $4.86 for 10 lbs at Sams Club. (.49/lb).

Onions: BOGO cpn on the front of the ad. $1.79 for 4 lbs (.45/lb). If you have a food dehydrator, slice these really thin and dry. Once dried, break them up and you have dried onion pieces to use as seasoning.

Dinner Rolls: BOGO cpn on the front of the ad. $2.99 for 24 rolls (.12/roll).

Combine all of the above with a can of tomato soup and some seasoning, and you can have a cheap meal!!!

Promo: Buy 10 Kelloggs, Sunshine, or Keebler items, get $10 off your order. Items are $2.50 each. Rice Krispie treats are one of the items and there is a coupon out for them.
10 x $2.50 = $25.00 - $5.00 ($1/2 mfg insert) - $10 (Cub ad cpn) = $10 for 10 boxes.
I believe they are 8 ct boxes. 10 x 8 = 80 bars. $10/80 = .13 each.

Hormel Thick Cut Boneless Pork Chops: BOGO cpn in the ad. Coupon says save $4.99/lb. There are $1/1 mfg cpns out for hormel. For all figuring reasons, let's say the packages are 2 lb each.
$4.99 x 4 lbs (2 pks) = $19.96 - $2.00 (2 x $1/1 mfg cpn) - $9.98 (BOGO cpn, 2lb x $4.99) = $8.00 for 4 lbs of chops. $2/lb in the end. Very nice price. Vac seal these in a marinade for added flavor.

Thomas English muffins: BOGO, no cpn needed. 8ct packs. No price stated, but there are $1/1 mfg cpns out there.

Natures Pride Bread: BOGO cpn in the ad. There are .55/1 mfg cpns.
$3.89 x 2 = $7.78 - .55/1 - .55/1 - $3.89 = $2.79 for 2 loaves. $1.40/loaf.

Gold'n Plump Chicken: Buy $25 worth, get $10 off your order. Prices aren't given, but if I remember, the 20 oz pks of breasts are $5.99 at Cub.
$5.99 x 5 = $29.95 - $10 = $19.96 for 5 packs. $3.99/pk. Don't buy this unless you really need it. We did better at Target a few weeks ago at $2.99/pk.

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