Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Target - Condensed Soups

Target Brand condensed soups are .54/can. Use the .50/2 Target printable.

.54 x 2 = $1.08
$1.08 - .50 (target coupon) = .64 for 2.

.32/can is a great price!!

Now, I used the coupon tonight and it beeped. What? The coupon beeps when scanned and a screen pops up on the register saying Item Not Found (INF). The cashier just needs to hit the K1 button and all is good. I clearly had the soup and the coupon doesn't specify any particular soup.

I forgot to look at the regular soups (tomato, chicken noodle, veg beef, etc) but am guessing that they are similar in price.

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