Friday, March 20, 2009

Target finds today

Found the Sutton Dodge Chuck Roasts for $1.49/lb at one store. No chuck steaks in sight and the stew meat was regular price.

Found Brining kits for .99 (Reg $8.99) in the meat department. There are 2 different flavors. A sage apple and an herb blend.

2 pks of Ducan Hines frosting were $1.75 (15% off). I have never seen them packed like that.

A friend found the 38 oz pks of Goldn Plump boneless/skinless breasts for $5.75. They are short dated (3/22) so it is most likely a YMMV type of deal. This is the type of thing that you won't find in the ad. My guess is, the butcher ordered too much for this weeks sale ($7.xx). Even though the packages are frozen in the back, they can't change the date on them. Too bad for Target, but great for those that find it. Regular price is $12.

Also grabbed some more mini bread loaves. I had every intention of buying a ton of these and freezing them, but my freezer is full to the brim. We are talking I couldn't even get a stick of butter in it after I put the chicken and roasts from today in. Thankfully, I have another large freezer secured, but it is not here at the moment.

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