Monday, March 9, 2009

Planting a Garden

Super easy to do and saves you a ton of $$$ !!

From the Burpee site:
Major savings for people who grow their own vegetables!
A well-planned garden will result in a 1 to 25 cost-savings ratio, meaning $50 in seeds and fertilizer can produce $1,250 worth of groceries purchased at a supermarket. And all you need is a small, sunny plot to enjoy these big savings.

In addition to cost savings the taste of homegrown vegetables is vastly superior to store-bought and their nutritional value far exceeds vegetables that line the shelves of supermarkets a week or more after being picked.

Each Money Garden contains packages of six easy-to-grow varieties capable of producing $650 worth of vegetables on a mere tenth of an acre.
A $20 value for only $10

I have 4) 72 cell ct trays started. 3 out of the 4 are all herbs. I will dry them and use them for Christmas gifts and throughout the year for cooking. Currently, my Peppers are far outnumbering my tomatoes, so I will need to plant more tomatoes. I bought my carrot, lettuce, and radish strips yesterday at Fleet Farm, so those will just need to be laid down in the dirt, and we are good to go! (Thanks for the tip on that Grandma, Jessie was holding out on us!!)

Now, I don't have a huge flat area for a garden. My solution: Raised Beds. My father in law doesn't know it yet, but we are going to spend a day together building some. These are the plans that I will be using. We may end up making them a bit bigger, but the method will be the same.

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