Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shopping trips today:

The toaster decided it was going to stop working this morning so we needed a new one.

Best Buy:
1 Oster Toaster $34.99
1 bag funyons $1.xx
Total: $36.49
OOP: $1.49

I had a $35 rewards coupon from their rewards program to use up. Good timing!!

Target #1:
1 kashi cereal $3.69
1 dannon yogurt $2.09
6 Sutton Dodge london broils and top round steaks. Average of $2.15 each
1 Hormel Pork Roast $8.59
OOP: $12.xx.

I used $2 off TQ's on all the beef. The pork roast had a $3 off cpn on it. The Kashi, I forgot my cpns for.

Came home, and the power cord for my laptop decided that was it. It was done working. Off to Office Max we go.

Office Max:
1 Targus power cord $99.99
1 Double pack of HP Toner for Laser printer $149.99
1 pk of fancy paper $6.49
1 pk of fancy envies $6.49
Total: $249.xx
OOP: $0

I had a $299 rewards credit for recycling ink cartridges, so that is what I used, plus, I have $19 left on the credit.

Target #2:
2 Top Round Steaks
3 London Broils
1 $3.99 piece of chocolate cake (I know, but it was sooooo good)
1 bottle water
OOP: $6.xx

All in all, a good day.

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