Monday, April 13, 2009

Cub Foods Week of 4/12

Lots of buy 1, get 2 coupons in the ad this week!!

My favorites :
Buy Simek's Meatballs for $8.99, get Pilgrims Pride Chicken (6.99) and Simeks Garlic Toast (2.99) FREE.

Buy 1 lb strawberries (2.99), get dessert shells (1.69) and cub whipped topping (1.29) FREE

Buy Classico Pasta Sauce (2.79), get Cub Pasta (.99) and cub frozen veggies (1.66) FREE

Let's use these 3 groups and break down some meals!! Meals will be based on 4 people tonight!

Meal #1:
Pasta (FREE)
Simeks Meatballs (8.99)
Sauce (2.79)
Garlic Toast (FREE (only use 4 of the 8 slices)
Total: 11.78 + $3 salad = $14.78 or $3.70/person. This assumes that you use the whole 24oz box of meatballs. I would probably only use 1/2 the box, thus bringing my total to $10.29.

Meal #2:
Pasta (FREE)
Chicken Breasts (FREE)
Garlic Toast (FREE)
Diced Tomatoes ($1)
Salad ($3)
Total: $4 or $1/person. The chicken is a 2.5 lb bag, so I would divide it into at least 2 meals. Even if you needed to buy the pasta for this dish, it would only be $1 extra in your bill.

Dessert Cups (FREE)
Strawberries (2.99)
Whipped Topping (FREE)
Total: 2.99
The dessert cups come 6 to a pack.

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