Monday, April 13, 2009

Painting Tiles

Has anyone ever done this? I am thinking that instead of tearing out the tile in the bathroom, I am going to paint it. After reading up on it, it seems fairly straight forward. Clean, sand, clean, prime, paint.

Here is my trouble though. The tile around the top of the shower (from the ceiling to the top of the shower/tub unit) are white. The floor is a light beige. The sink and counter are an off white and the woodwork is oak. So what do I do with the tile? Do I paint it white to match the tile above the shower? I am thinking if I do that, it will be too bright for the counter top. I would love to paint it a color, but I just don't think that will work with the white tile above the shower. I don't care to paint that. It is just the mauve nonsense that I want to get rid of.


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