Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This and that

This past summer we took a week long vacation with my family and headed out west. We saw Devils Tower.

And Mt. Rushmore
This Feburary, my brother and I had the privlage of seeing Stone Mountain with our dad, who had been there long ago while in the service.

Gas last summer, while we were in South Dakota was $4.00/gallon. A $2/gallon difference from right now.
We will go back to South Dakota in a few years when the girls can understand the history behind it all.
One day, I will go back to Stone Mountain. It was beautiful. It was too windy for us to take the tram to the top of the mountain, so we need to go back. Plus, I want my kids to see that. It was amazing.
If you have never seen these places, Go.
If your kids have never seen these places, Go.
There is so much history out there.
Why wait? I read a little tid-bit of info about different countries and how much time people spend on vacations. In the USA, it is 14 days a year. In Italy, it is 56 days a year. Of course, these are averages. Why spend your entire life working your tail off, only to die and not be able to take anything with you? Why not adopt the moto: "Make a" ?
If you would like informatin on how to do just that, I would love the opportunity to sit down and show you a short presentation.

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