Saturday, April 11, 2009

How does your garden grow?

What a beautiful day!!

We had a busy day here yesterday. I left my dad and father in law to build 6 garden boxes while I went and got a load of horse poop. When I got back, they were finished. We quick ate lunch and then started for the afternoon. They leveled the boxes, while I hauled wheelbarrows of poop back to the boxes. The neighbor attacked the 16 cubic yard pile of dirt in the driveway. He was leveling out a spot in his yard for garden boxes.

Once his spot was leveled, he started hauling cart loads of dirt back to our beds with his 4 wheeler and cart. My dad and I wheelbarrowed it while my father in law went to Home Depot to get a few 2 x 4's. We quickly filled all of our beds, but we still had a lot of dirt left to move.

We quickly built our neighbors 2 beds and then leveled and filled those. Within 26 hrs, we had moved a truckload of poop and all that dirt. The driveway was cleaned up. A total of 8 beds measuring 4 ft x 8 ft x 1 ft were done in our yard, 2 beds measuring 4 ft x 10 ft x 1 ft were done in our neighbors yard, Dan leveled out a low spot in our front yard, and we had graded around the neighbors shed.

How wonderful to have great neighbors and family to help out! I knew that I had to get it done before field work starts or I wouldn't have my dad's help.

Today, we put in our onion sets, beets, and asparagus. I hadn't planned on asparagus, but Dan requested it. I have one full bed of onions, and 1/2 bed of asparagus and beets. I need to get my peas in for an early crop, along with the carrots, but I had to run in and make a cake.

A cake? Why yes!! Our neighbors became US Citizens this week!! We are meeting in the cul da sac tonight for cake.